What is an underground storage tank?

An underground storage system (UST) is a tank and any included underground piping connected to a tank that has at least 10 % of its combined volume stored underground. While USTs are used for several reasons, federal UST regulations apply to UST systems storing fuel or hazardous substances only.

Why are USTs regulated?

USTs are regulated by local and state government and agencies and must also meet federal EPA regulations. Improper installation and inadequate operation and maintenance of USTs can cause leakage and release of chemicals into the environment. Leakages in USTs present health and environmental risk, can cause fires and explosions, and potentially contaminate sources of drinking water.

The following are excluded from meeting Federal EPA USTs regulations:
(but may not be excluded from state or local regulations)

  • Tanks of 1,100 gallons or less capacity holding motor fuel used for noncommercial purposes
  • Tanks that store heating oil used on site of where it is stored
  • Tanks located on or above the floor of underground areas
  • Septic tanks used for collection of waste water and storm water
  • Flow-through process tanks
  • Tanks with a capacity of 110 gallons or less
  • Emergency spill and overflow tanks

At Ramtox we provide a range of service related to underground storage tanks.

Services We Provide:

  • UST testing
  • UST training
  • Registering tanks under new ownership to obtain UST Permit
  • Permitting and Repair of UST tanks
  • Removal of USTs
  • UST diesel and gasoline visual fuel inspection for water content
  • Monitoring UST for leakage
  • Monthly designated operator services
  • Monthly site visit to make sure UST is structurally sound and in compliance
  • Registering tanks under new ownership for UST fund
  • Vapor Recovery testing in accordance to local AQMD or APCD regulatory agencies
  • Monitoring System Certification Test
  • Obtaining EPA ID No. for Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • SB989 Test
  • PVV Test
  • Line and tank integrity Test
  • Soil testing
  • Overfill Prevention Test
  • ELD Testing

Ramtox Construction Services Brochure

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Conducting Monitoring System Certification Witnessed by Loca Cupa Inspector

Writing Annual Monitoring System Certification & Annual CERS Certification

UST Testing

In accordance to local fire departments and air quality departments require testing of USTs must be done throughout the year. Ramtox provides underground storage tanks (UST) testing for gas stations, high rise buildings, or hospitals that have underground tanks on site. For more information regarding the maintenance and operation of USTs please visit the EPA website or click the link: operating-and-maintaining-ust-systems-2015-requirements

George & Victor overseeing installation of new pumps at Arco Station.

UST Testing

UST Testing

UST Testing

Secondary Leak Investigation Abs repair in piping sump

Leaking Penetration fitting in a piping sump, abs repaired,
conducted sb989 witnessed by local CUPA inspector

UST Testing