CERS Filing

Does your work involve hazardous materials?
Under statewide implementation, California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) requires that in order to protect public health and the environment, data related to hazardous waste chemicals must be reported and submitted electronically. Data includes but is not limited to reporting and submitting chemical inventory, hazardous waste management, aboveground and underground storage tanks. For more information about CERS you can visit. https://cers.calepa.ca.gov/about-cers/.

Environmental Compliance Binder for each facility at Ramtox Services:

  • We provide annual CERS Certification for:
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Auto Repair
  • Gas Stations
  • UST and AST Facilities
  • CERS Online Reporting
  • CERS Filing For UST facilities covers:
  • Monitoring & Response Plan
  • Tank Forms
  • Monitoring Plot Plan and Piping Layout
  • Multi-Site Maps
  • Certificate of Financial Responsibility
  • EPA Number and Designated Operator Statement Form

What we do at Ramtox:

Visiting an auto repair facility to conduct inventory of hazardous chemicals. After doing site inspection upload chemical inventory onto CERS and prepare a facility site map showing exit routes, location of storage of hazardous material, testing of hazardous material and hazardous waste management.

Writing Annual Monitoring System Certification & Annual CERS Certification.

Writing Annual Monitoring System Certification & Annual CERS Certification

Conducting Monitoring System Certification Witnessed by Local Cupa Inspector

Ramtox Annual CERS Certification For UST & AST Sites

CERS Certification For UST & AST Sites