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Petroleum and Chemical Consultants

Pollution Liability Insurance

Aging of fiberglass of underground storage tanks in gasoline Service stations and diesel tanks used to feed stand by emergency generators in hospitals and high rise buildings can eventually lead to small leaks, big leaks, or sudden ruptures that can cause massive release of gasoline and diesel into the ground. With our knowledge and expertise in leak detection, tank testing and continuous statical leak detection system (CSLD); in conjunction with line and tank integrity test, we can inform you of tank leakage and obtain the applicable pollution liability insurance from our under writers company by filing your tank profile. Additionally, if your tank is in the state of California, we will obtain a certificate of financial responsibility if an insurance company declines the application due the aging of the tank or lack of leak detection of UST leak monitoring plan and leak detection testing reports.

plan and leak detection testing reports. We offer cost effective and competitive plans through approved and reputable underwriter nationwide companies to draft us applicable pollution liability insurance to cover cost of cleanup and third party law suits due to an unauthorized release of gasoline and diesel leak into the soil and groundwater table.

Chemical & Petroleum Consultants

We assist clinet to obtain appropriate insurance to cover cost of remediation.