Bianca Golpashin

Internships Over the years RAMTOX has offered many internships opportunities to students. We offer and work with schools and students from universities such as California State University of Northridge.
RAMTOX offers the most one-on-one internship experience. We take those that are enrolled in our internship and have taught them A-Z what RAMTOX handles on a daily basis. We work with students and teach them from scratch how to handle permits, deal with chemical inventories, complete VOC work, etc. Students also get the opportunity to do site inspections with our certified and qualified staff.

To apply for our internship program please contact our Internship Program Manager Bianca Golpashin at

Internship Training Stations

The following are students from CSUN who have completed our 180 hour internship program in multi- disciplinary

- Stormwater inspections and SWPPP and ERA Plan
- CERS filing (California Environmental Reporting System)
- UST inspections & preparing compliance binders for gas stations, buildings, hospitals, chemical manufacturing
- AST inspections and preparing SPCC Tier I and Tier II Plans