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We Sell Fuel, all types

Ramtox is a licensed distributor of all fuels all over the United States. We currently provide fuel to companies.

We also ship any type of fuel to all of the United States.

Safeguard Your Process with UST Testing and CERS Filing

You already know the importance of working within petroleum and chemical industry regulations. One false move could lead to disaster for the environment. With UST testing, CERS filing, and more, RAMTOX of California helps you avoid potential compliance issues.

UST Testing

We provide underground storage tank (UST) testing for gas stations, high rises, or hospitals, where there are underground tanks. The local fire department and the air department require testing to be done throughout the year. For more information, view our UST tank removal video.

CERS Filing

Does your work involve hazardous materials? The California Environmental Reporting System requires us to report any hazardous material handling with any of the many companies we
deal with. We handle CERS Reporting & Annual CERS Certification.

Sample CERS Report

Phase I and Phase II Assessment in Progress

Phase I and Phase II Assessment / Soil Testing

If you want to buy a large commercial property with a loan from the bank, the bank needs to confirm there are no hazardous materials in the soil or underground. We will do the Phase I testing required to provide the bank with documentation confirming there is no contamination. If we find contamination, we handle the cleanup (Phase II). Our on-site geologist assists us with removal and remediation.

Buying/Selling Gas Stations

Make an equitable deal in the fuel business. We have the ability to connect those who want to buy a gas station with those who are selling their gas station or buying gas stations.

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Rule 461/UST Training Session

Rule 461/UST Training

This is required training by the State of California for anyone who has an underground storage tank. We provide on-site training at your location for anyone who works with the UST. We provide group Rule 461 Training.

Air Permitting/CUPA/Fire Permitting

We handle change of ownership and modification of tanks, increase throughput, Form R, AER reporting, and VOC reporting. For your convenience, we handle any types of permits required by the Air Quality Management District. We take care of permits for new ownership, fire, tank removal, tank installation/modification, weights and measures, and Board of Equalization. If you have hazardous waste above a certain threshold, you can rely on us for spill prevention and control countermeasures. Air Permitting & CUPA Permitting is one of our area of expertise.

Tank Installation in Process

Designated UST Operator

Monthly Designated Operator Services

Make sure that your underground storage tank is structurally sound. Every month, the state and the local fire department require those who have a UST to have a site visit to confirm compliance.

Hazardous Materials Management / Hazardous Waste Disposal

RAMTOX takes care of your hazardous waste needs. Along with disposal, we provide you with absorbents, supply waste drums, and hazardous waste labels.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Compliance to Stormwater Management System
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Storm Water Permitting/QISP

Avoid any problems with our complete storm water reporting that includes testing and monthly inspections. We provide you with Best Management Practices (BMPs), absorbents and filters, as well as training about how to conduct a storm water inspection. For your convenience, we have a Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QSIP) on-site. View our video about installation of BMPs for more details. We are QISP Certified and provide you with Level I & Level II Compliance Report if you fail the baseline parameters.

Aboveground Storage Tank/SPCC Plan

We prepare a SPCC Plan ( Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan) for your aboveground storage tank that exceeds 1320 gallons.

Aboveground Storage Tank

Industrial Wastewater Permitting & Self Monitoring Report

We obtain an Industrial Wastewater discharge permit and prepare self monitoring report for chemical industries.

Information form

PBR Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit / Closure Plan

We are PBR specialized in obtaining Permit by Rule filing for a Closure Plan for facilities that manufacture plastic bags, paper bags, jewelry, and makeup and plating companies.

PBR Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit / Closure Plan

Diesel Fuel Filtration of 2,000 Gallons

Diesel Fuel Filtration & Fuel Delivery

We offer filtration and delivery services when you need them! Please give us a call for any questions or assistance you may need regarding our filtration and delivery services.