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Student Internship Programs

Ramtox offers internships throughout the year for students. Our interns have been hired at Ventura County CUPA to specialize in underground storage tank unit, pharmaceutical companies to specialize in analysis, etc. Please contact Charleen@ramtox.com for internship program info.

Charleen Zoumalan

Charleen Zoumalan began her studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she attained a B.S. in Biology in 2005. After graduating from UCSB, Charleen headed to Chicago to attain a post-baccalaureate degree in Biomedical Sciences, she also attained a Certificate in Research in 2008. After leaving Chicago, Charleen started her own company (SafegreenUSA™) that distributes safety products to companies. She also began working full time for RAMTOX. Under George Zoumalan's training, Charleen became the main research specialist for the company. Charleen handles over 180 clients for RAMTOX and deals with each of them on a day-to-day basis. Charleen is a compliance specialist at the company.

Charleen Zoumalan


B.S., University of California -Santa Barbara
Major: Biological Sciences
Date of Graduation: June, 2005
College of Health Professions,
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Certificate in Clinical Research 
May 2008

2009 to Present:

Created SafegreenUSA - Distributed Safety Products to Companies
Compliance Specialist for RAMTOX
Day-to-Day Customer Relations
Written 15 Phase I Assessment Reports

Abstracts/ Publications/ Papers:

• Botanical Science Research Abstract: "Mating System Evolution in the Genus Clarkia: The Effects of Selfing and Microhabitat on Pollen Production and Quality."
• Laboratory of Neuro Imaging: MR-Guided 3D PET Mapping of Longitudinal Changes in Regional Metabolism of Nondemented Elderly.
• Laboratory of Neuro Imaging: 3D Mapping of Gray Matter Atrophy in Semantic Dementia and Frontal Variant Frontotemporal Dementia.
•Laboratory of Neuro Imaging: Surface Feature-Guided Mapping of Cerebral Metabolic Changes in Cognitively Normal and Mildly
Impaired Elderly

ο 3D Comparison of Low, Intermediate and Advanced Hippocampal Atrophy in MCI
ο Correlations between Cortical Gray Matter Thickness and Logical Memory
ο Neuroimaging in Neurology
ο Alzheimer's Disease Imaged Long before Symptoms Appear
ο Age Effects on Cortical Thickness in Cognitively Normal Elderly Individuals

George S. Zoumalan, PhD, NREPA

National Registered Environmental Property Assessor

Dr. George S. Zoumalan began working in the environmental industry in 1986 while working at the ARCO refinery in Carson, California. Dr. Zoumalan obtained his Bachelors of Chemistry from Tehran University and continued his education in France and the United States. He has performed hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments since 1986 and currently oversees and manages RAMTOX.

George S. Zoumalan, PhD, NREPA
National Registered Environmental Property Assessor
President and Founder of RAMTOX Corporation
Title: Chemical and Regulatory Environmental Health and Safety Consultant

George S. Zoumalan

Current and Past Clients:

• BP West Coast Products™
• BP Refinery, Arco Los Angeles Refinery™
• United Oil™
• World Oil™
• ConocoPhillips™
• Nationwide Gasoline™
• Dispensing Facilities, Plating and Powder Coating, Plastic Manufacturing, Electronic Circuit Board, Paint, and Ink Manufacturing Companies
• Conducted over 40 Phase I & II Environmental Assessment Reports.
• General Industry Outreach 10-30 Hour Consulting Services
• 1979 -1986 Arco Corporate Science and Technology Center
• 1986 -1999 Arco Corporate Research Laboratory and Arco Los Angeles Refinery
• 1984 -1986 Organon Teknika, Chatsworth, CA Title: Analytical Chemist and Laboratory Manager

Education & Professional Certification:

• 2005 Certificate of Shipping Hazardous Materials, 49 CFR Ground Shipping
• 2005 Certificate of Shipping Hazardous Material, IATA Regulations
• 2005 Registered Environmental Assessor in State of California, CA
• 2006 State of California, Hazardous Material Specialist and Certification, CA
• 1990 OSHA 29 CFR Authorized Trainer of General Safety Industry from UCSD, CA
• 1998 Certificate of ISO 14000.EMS Lead Auditor, CA

• 1990 Certificate of Hazardous/Waste Management and Control: UCLA, CA
• 1983 M.Sc. Management of Science-Business Management: West Coast University, CA
• 1975 Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry and Metallurgy: University of Nancy, France
• 1973 M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry and Metallurgy: University of Nancy, France
• 1969 B.Sc. in Chemistry: University of Tehran, Iran

Professional Environmental & Safety Registrations:

• Former Registered Environmental Property Assessor-REPA, from NREPA
• Former Professional Manager-REM, from NREPA
• State Registered Environmental Assessor, REA from State of Cal/EPA
• Certificate Trainer-Federal OSHA
• Accredited Professional Environmental Auditor
• Certificate of Control and Management of Hazardous Waste
• Certified Environmental Auditor
• Specialized Training in Environmental Analytical Testing-Air Toxics & Solid Waste
• Specialized in Regulatory Framework. Permit by Rule, and Tiered Permitting

Professional Memberships:

• California Water Quality Association • American Chemical Society